July 10, 2018

Why Choose Vis

Where Your Future Begins

Starting such a school on a private venture at the time was a big risk because it involved a huge investment of capital in terms of facilities and equipment. Putting years of experience in the industrial sector. VIS developed its own training kits well equipped with the necessary latest technology needed in the industry.

VIS saw what most people could not see at the time. They had a clear vision and were confident that industrial automation in Malaysia and Asia would experience a high demand.

And when that happened, there will be great demand for skilled manpower and more importantly, add respectability and prestige to careers in the industry.

It’s been fourteen victorious years since the operation of VIS, and more is yet to come for the bright future. VIS is overwhelmed with numerous productive and efficient employees who stand together for the success of VIS throughout all these years.


VIS – the Resemblance of Success

People around the wide globe with distinct ethnicities, favourites and perception, despite the difference, have one thing in common. All of us would want to generate income or lead a healthy lifestyle by doing something we are passionate about. Students who leave their schooling life, have hopes and expectations about their future selves.

VIS provides the possibility to master practical or hands on skills to students in mechatronics. VIS have experts in industries who have listed the requirements needed to secure a job. Supplying the correct and right knowledge is the key element to master a field; and that’s is what VIS is capable of.